At Strataroh, we understand that MSMEs find it challenging to access highly skilled talent and engage with them meaningfully in a project-based mode. We solve this problem. As an MSME you get access to multi-disciplinary support under one roof and at an affordable cost. This allows you to execute ambitious projects which were otherwise difficult and expensive to execute.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you to ensure that you are able to realize your dream projects. From end-to-end project development to specific design skills – we provide it all. Our team has 16+ years of experience across automotive, space-tech, and consumer appliances domains.

New Product Development

We provide end-to-end services for your new product development. Over the development cycle, you need to put together a multi-domain team. This can be challenging for MSMEs. We partner with MSMEs to solve this gap. With our experienced team, you can accomplish your dream projects and turn them into reality.

Systems Modelling

While building complex interdisciplinary automotive and aerospace systems, it is important to map all the dependencies, understand interfaces, and evaluate the performance of systems. Building a systems model allows us to capture these details. You can use these models for systems simulation, performance evaluation of the system, robustness to deviation in parameters, and much more. We provide support as per standards and guidelines laid down by INCOSE.

Engineering Design & Simulations

We provide systems design services. Starting from the design requirements we ensure that best design practices are employed. We back our design with simulation studies. Our design process is centered on the first-principle approach. This ensures that we do not over-design.

Industrial Automation

We develop custom-built PLC-based automation solutions. We provide automation solutions for your production line as well as plant quality testing and assurance. Modular solutions ensure that the same infrastructure continues to support a wide range of products and continues to do so as these products evolve.

Electronics Systems Design

We design customized circuits for OEMs. From power management to microcontroller-based circuits, we support electronics system design. We also design firmware as per your requirements. This allows OEMs to reduce the cost of their products.

PCB Design

We design schematics, support the placement of components, and design multi-layer boards as per client requirements. We also coordinate with your EMS partner to ensure a smooth scaling-up experience as you mass manufacture your design.

Let’s collaborate!

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